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Friday, September 12, 2008

Rochester Marathon This Weekend!!!! 3 days I will destroy my body yet again on a quest to perambulate 26.2 miles, by running the Rochester Marathon. Earlier this year I set out to run my first marathon and was successful when I finished (although barely) the Pocono Run for the Red. My goal then is pretty much my goal now: Finish the race....and if possible, in under 4 hours.

I want to thank everyone who sponsored me with a donation to the Arthritis Foundation. I was able to raise $255.00!!

This race has a very special significance to me as well. My late father ran this same marathon back in 1989 at the age of 40. This was a big reason as to why I decided to run this particular marathon.

For those of you wondering, my chip time for the Pocono race was 3hrs 53mins 13sec. I'm not really worried about beating it...but I'll certainly not complain if I do either.

So wish me luck!


Here is a pic of my dad running the Rochester Marathon in 1989 (w/me running the last 2 miles with him. I'm running this one for you dad...... maybe this time you could run the last 2 miles with me?

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