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Monday, March 9, 2009

New Zealand Slide Show! (Antarctica Slide Show to Follow)

Hey everyone.  Well I finally put together a New Zealand slide show of pics and video clips.  My 3 weeks there were jam packed with hiking and sightseeing.  I had an incredible time and will certainly never forget it.

The video highlights:
Cascade Saddle Track
Northwest Circuit Track (Stewart Island)
Kepler Track
Wilkin-Young Circuit (aka Gillespie Pass) Track
Fox Glacier
The Pancake Rocks

I should have an Antarctica Slide Show done soon, so check back! 

1 comment:

Jeremiah said...

Awesome presentation! The mud on that trail was unbelievable...i cant believe you made it through! Loved the views from the ridge looked amazing! Looking forward to the Antartica pics!

God bless,