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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Field Camp Update

Great Salt Lake (aka Lake Bonneville)
Near Tooele, UT
Wasatch, Mtns, Alta, UT
Fossilized Tooth
Near Kenilworth, UT

Well....TAing field camp has been a great experience so far.  We've completed the first two lab assignments and the students are still having a good time.

The first lab dealt with measuring strata, sketching strat columns, and understanding the paleoenvironments of the book cliffs area in Utah.

For the second lab, we went into the field around the Great Salt Lake in areas that used to be part of Lake Bonneville and the students are using ArcGIS to create a geological map of the area.  They are also focusing on explaining a specific wave cut scarp.

For the third lab, we'll be heading up to Elk Basin in Wyoming and turning our focus to more structural geology as we look at the faulting and deformation there.

Here are a few photos...

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