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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Master of Science! Another Goal Checked Off!

Today marked an important day for me. It marked the culmination of two very hard years of school and the completion of another long goal I set for myself. Today I successfully presented my research to a packed room, took a slew of questions from said packed room, and then defended that research in a closed-door session with my committee (a rather unpleasant experience I might add). My written thesis is completed and just needs some revisions and I can submit everything to the grad school to receive my degree. I like to consider myself a pretty humble person....but today, I'm happy with this passing of my defense. I earned it. Just like setting out to hike the AT, I set out to earn a Masters of Science in Geology (Ice Core Paleoclimatology). Today I have.

So now I will take a few days "off" to enjoy this accomplishment before tackling PhD grad school applications and Antarctica preparation. As far as "What's next?"....well I think I just answered that question.....PhD

For now, it's time to have a few beers and celebrate with the rest of my geology friends (2 others of which defended their PhDs yesterday!). It has been a big week for the ice group at Penn State.

Dad...I know you were there during my defense, and I hope you at least partially understood what the hell I was talking about :-)

.....and the journey goes on...


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