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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Leadville Peak Week

A long and tiring week has come to an end.  My self-imposed Leadville peak training week was tough on many levels.  I had a rough goal of breaking over 60 miles, which for me, is a lot.  I realize the elite runners do 100+ mile weeks, but I have never done more than 55 in training.  Add to this, a very demanding week in the lab, and needless to say...I'm a bit pooped this Sunday night after having finished a 63 mile week.  Tomorrow, I am taking a well deserved day off, and then I get a nice and easy two week taper up to race day in Leadville.

While I am tired, I'm also very pleased that I was able to meet my training goals.  I feel much more prepared for Leadville this year than I did in '09.  I feel strong, fit, and mentally ready.  I have found a pacer, I have typed up my splits and drop bag details, and I have my travel details in order.  Now, I will calmly and patiently wait for my big day.  I am excited to take another stab at this monster of a race, and I know that I can improve on my 2009 time of 29hrs 13mins.

Not much else to discuss here.  The race this year actually falls on my dad's birthday (Aug 20th), so I've decided to run this year's race in his honor.  Along with this, I've also decided to re-promote my charity memorial site:  I had this memorial site set up for my PCT thru-hike last year and it raised almost $1300.00 for the American Heart Association.   So, if you're feeling up to it, and would like to donate a little something to charity, please consider my dad's memorial page.  Thanks!

I plan on posting several pre-race reports soon, so keep an eye out.

happy trails everyone,


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EJ said...

Enjoy your taper, you earned it;-)