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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back to Reality...

Safe and sound back at my mom's place in Rochester.  I'm heading back to State College this afternoon...and back to my Graduate School reality.  I'm excited, but also a bit sad.  There are certainly people that I'm going to miss a lot.  

This afternoon before I leave, I'm heading over to a local elementary school in Rochester to talk to some third graders about Antarctica.  My sister's friend, Tara, is a teacher and apparently her students have been hearing all about me.  I'm bringing some stickers, patches, and stamped postcards with me to give out as well as a selection of photos and videos.  Hopefully they'll get a kick out of some of my WAIS Divide stories.

It will take me quite a while to organize all my videos and photos, but as soon as they are done, expect to see the full albums on trailjournals, flickr, facebook, youtube, and of course...Here.

Take care everyone and I hope any of you that stumbled across this blog got at least a small taste of what life is like at a field camp in Antarctica!

Boarding the Qantas Flight From Auckland to LA

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