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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Looking Back....While Spending My Last Night in New Zealand....

Tonight I'm back in Christchurch enjoying my last night here. I dropped of Elizabeth at Arthur's Pass on my way back to town and returned the car once I got all of my gear out of it. It's interesting to look back now on my entire time in the southern hemisphere and think of what I wanted to get accomplished...and what I did get accomplished. Overall, I'm pretty darn happy. I had an amazing experience in Antarctica and feel that It was more or less a success. In my 3 weeks of New Zealand time, I was able to complete 4 incredible trails (tracks), and still have time to see a lot of great cities, towns, and natural wonders. I saw Kiwi birds, penguins, pancake limestone formations, caves, glow-worms, live street perfomances....I rode on a ferry to Stewart Island, stayed in some of the coolest hostels and campsites, even slept in a cave one night. I finally got to see the Southern hemisphere stars including the Southern Cross and both Magellenic Clouds. I walked up to, and touched, the snout of the massive Fox Glacier (and then ran like hell away from it when it started making loud noises)...most of all though, I met some incredible people and had a great hiking/road trippin' partner and friend in Elizabeth. This trip has been one that I surely will never forget.

Magical View from Kepler Track

Near Sibera Hut on Wilkin-Young Circuit Track
Ruggedy Beach on Stewart Island Track (Where Cave I slept in Was)

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