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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stepping away from this for while...

So here's the deal,

In light of a very difficult past few months, I have decided to step away from this format for a while...and will take a hiatus from "personal life" blogging.

Most of you know that I will be hiking again this summer.  For those of you that guessed the PCT, you were right.  That's where I'm headed.  This trip holds many similarities to my AT hike in that it will be just as much an internal journey as an external one.  I could go into detail as to why, but I won't.  The short answer is that I need to walk.  I have one and only goal in my mind right now...and that is to go to Campo, and walk North for a while.  That is it.  I will get, as far as I will get. period.

Here is what I can tell you:

-I have set up a memorial in my fathers honor through the American Heart Association for accepting donations.  This will be associated with my walk, but not the primary reason for it. LINK
(likewise, my iTunes sales also still go 100% to the AHA)

-I will keep this blog up as a way to post an informational update here or there from the trail or during my preparation.  I will continue to post entries concerning planning, packing, gear, food, etc (mostly informational), but that is all.  I'm taking a break from personal postings.  I may try to send occasional location updates through GPS so that family knows where I am, but that will depend on reception and battery usage.

-I will keep a journal from the trail that I will write in, that I may or may not transcribe on trailjournals afterword (or during town stops).  Like with this blog, I will post a few entries on logistics on before I leave concerning planning, packing, gear, food, etc (mostly informational).  I have already uploaded most of my gear, and a random mail drop schedule (based on someone elses that goes all the way to canada and is ONLY a template), and some info on my hike.

-I will probably make videos for those interested in my planning/gear, and will record videos from the trail, but may or may not post them on youtube.

-I will not be using twitter (like i ever really did)

-I will not be updating nor using facebook (save maybe....and that's a big maybe.... a rare picture once in a while).  I'm pretty damned burned out with facebook.

-Finally, this could all change once I start walking, and I may decide I want the world to know everything I'm faced with daily...although that is very unlikely.

-This is not a "woe is me"or look...john is so "emo" now, post.   I am simply telling you all that i'm disconnecting my personal life from the web....for a bit, while I go for a little walk.

As far as my other big decisions...I have decided on a PhD program, but cannot talk about it yet.
Also, I have been accepted to return to WAIS Divide, Antarctica for a 3rd season...this time as an employed science tech/core handler.  Actually going again, will depend on several other things.

That's all I have right now.  Wish me luck.  I will really need it this time.  really.


I will post some factual details concerning the PCT soon for those of you interested.  But you can also visit for information.


Jeremiah said...

Awesome...the PCT! Good luck and happy hiking! I will be very interested to hear your opinions on the differences between the AT and the PCT!

Hike on!

Greg Stevenson said...

Good luck man. I'll try to follow you as much as I can.