John "lakewood" Fegyveresi

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Testing out GPS Tracking...

I setup a GPS tracking app on my iPhone that will allow me to send GPS position updates to my personalized web page so that I can be tracked.  Of course being that this is through my iphone, it will only work when I have ATT coverage.  BUT...unlike a SPOT messenger, it is free w/ my phone plan.   I am testing it out as a possible way for friends/family to keep an eye on where I am when I take off this summer. The other nice thing is that it will only transmit when I turn on my iPhone and open the APP. It will not run in the background. This way, I can leave my phone off all day, turn it on for a few minutes each night, update my position, update a photo or two, and maybe update a journal entry. Technology is pretty cool. (All assuming I get a sliver of phone reception - which I may not)

Here is the Link to the Detailed Page:




doIhavetoReally said...

This is a cool feature -- adds spice to your travels.

Vehicle Tracking said...

GPS Tracking System - SENSERI GPS Units available now. Just as ideal for smaller fleets as it is for muti national companies - call now for instant response.