John "lakewood" Fegyveresi

Sunday, April 4, 2010

PCT Prep Update #3: Food Part 1

SNICKERS!!!!  This is the only time in my running/cardio infested life when I can feel guilt free about eating complete garbage for food.  A typical thru-hiker burns 5000 calories a day.  This means, I need as much high calorie food in me as possible. 

I made my first run to the Wholesale club tonight with my sister (thanks for your membership card Carri) and went hog-wild.  I've purchased about 70% of the food that I'm going to buy up front (enough to realistically get me through California)

My eating routine on the AT consisted of 5 "snacks" per day, and a freeze dried dinner.  After a while I was pretty sick of this, so I'm trying to "mix things up" on this hike.  Instead of bars only, I'm going with a wider variety of sustenance.

Layout 1:
Daily snack bars, candy, pop tarts, protein bars, peanuts, etc

Layout 2:
Some dinner/lunch supplies

It looks nice and pretty now...but wait until I have to start bagging it!  

More to come soon


UltraChris said...

So cool, John! Looking at all that food makes alone makes me want to hike mega miles! Sounds like a fun and exciting adventure. Best of luck to you and take care of yourself out there. Hope to see you back on the ultra running scene soon!

Boris T. said...

Wow lots of food. Good luck man!