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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

GoLite Jam - First Generation!

Golite Jam - First Generation (2006)

After almost 5 years of looking, I have finally gotten my hands on a "new", first-generation, golite jam pack (I say "new", but it is actually slightly used from 2006).  Back in 2007 when I was preparing for my AT thru-hike, I had decided on what pack I wanted to use.  After days of research and reviews, I decided on a GoLite Jam.  Two weeks later, when I went to order it, golite had phased in the newer model: the Jam2.  I figured it was the same pack so I just bought it not thinking too much of it.  Ever since that day, I had alway wished that I had ordered my pack two weeks earlier and gotten that first generation pack.  It was a simpler design, lighter weight, and overall better look.  Since then, golite has changed the design twice more and each time increased the weight.  The original Jam was about 1 pound.  The newest release is about 2 pounds. don't get me wrong about the Jam2.  I still have it and I still love it.  It has over 6000 miles on it.  I used it for my AT thruhike, my CT thruhike, my tramps around New Zealand, and a good portion of my PCT thruhike.  It is a great pack and has been very good to me.  With that said though, there's always been a part of me that wished I had that older version.  

Every now and then I peeked in on ebay, or hiker forums to see if any old jams ever popped up.  Every once in a while one would surface, but it was always really beat up, or not the right size.  Last week, a medium, green, like-new pack showed up online and I was able to snag it up.  It came today, and it looks brand new.  Absolutely no signs of use.  I can't wait to test it out this Vermont perhaps?  (hint hint)

Might finally be time to retire the Jam2....

Jam2 on the AT

Jam2 on the CT

Jam2 in New Zealand

Jam2 before the PCT

On a running note, the legs are finally working again and I've been out jogging very easily the past two days.  I'm honestly more worried about the toe.  I really must have stubbed it hard as it is still bruised and every once in a while sends a nice sharp pain up my foot while running.  Think I will take it very easy tomorrow and friday and re-evaluate friday night.  Been icing everything though and taking a few advil. No matter what happens, I'm still looking forward to seeing the Laurel Highlands trail...even if I'm not running it.

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