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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Laurel Highlands Ultra (50k) - Preview?

Definition:  Idiotic - Running a 50k (Laurel Highlands Ultra) one week after running a grueling 30k trail run (Rothrock Challenge).

Yes.  I am in fact, kind of an idiot.  I sit here on Tuesday afternoon, still notably sore from this past weekend, wondering how I'm going to finish a 50k this upcoming weekend...and if shouldn't maybe just take a DNS.  The 50k was originally on my list....the 30k was not.  So it's my own dumb fault for "on a whim", going out to race a ridiculous course like Rothrock a week before a scheduled 50k.  *sigh*.   Kind of torn on what to do here.

I think I am going to take the following approach:

I have always wanted to see this part of PA.  The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail is part of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail and is supposed to be quite lovely.  The course is noted as being tough, but after this past weekend, I'll probably laugh at it.   It is becoming harder and harder for me to just "have fun" at a race.  I've gotten to the level, both physically and experientially, that I want to race during "races".  With that said however, I MUST keep in my my future summer goals here (Vermont 100 etc).  I am making a promise to myself that if I am to run this weekend, it must be as a training run....not a race.  I need to be easy and conservative and NOT think about placing.  I instead will focus on the beauty of the trail, and tackle this event as a scenic "walk/run in the woods".

Of course this all assumes I am even moderately healed by Saturday.  I'm still notably sore and walking funny from Rothrock.  The toe is still a bit tender as well.  Like I said:  Idiot.  But, if I wasn't doing something crazy and ridiculous, I wouldn't be me right?

At any rate,

It was one year ago today that I stood atop Mt. Whitney gazing out upon the beautiful, yet snowy, Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.  One of the greatest days during my PCT thru-hike (which was incidentally followed up by one of my worst)...and one that I will always remember.

6-7-10 - Highest point in the lower 48
hike on!


Sara said...

I like how you included the word "Idiot" in your post label. Too funny.

You'll be fine, lots of time to heal up still!! :)

Have fun, and maybe take it easy the first hour to trick your body into racing the rest of the way. That race is on our to-do list for some year, it looks great.

See you at Finger Lakes in a few weeks.

EJ said...

Well if Sara thinks you can do it then you probably can. I on the other hand will be taking this week easy due to my grueling 8km on Sunday;-P