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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Training Week Feb 13-19

Just two weeks ago I wrote about how I had hit a new weekly training high of 73 miles.  My plan throughout February and early March is to gradually step up my total mileage and elevation using what I call the step-back approach.  In other words after a high-mileage week, step back for a week, before jumping my totals up again.  Last week I totaled a respectable 58 miles, so I was in line for another jump up this week. I was shooting for something around 80 miles. usual, I got a little carried away and hit a ridiculous new high-mileage total of 92, with over 17,500 ft of total ascent (35,000 ft of elevation change).  I was shooting for somewhere between 15-20,000' was right were I wanted to be on this stat.  Since getting back from Antarctica, I finally feel like I'm starting to get into proper shape for what awaits me.

The key to this week was going out every day, and throwing in a long run, mid-week.  I had over 50 miles before the weekend was even here, so I had a fair idea I'd come closer to 90.  I also really tried to focus on my hills and climbs this past week.  For both my weekend runs, I planned my course so that I would hit the maximum number of tough climbs over the shortest distances.  Today (Sunday), I had just under 5500' of gain by mile 18.  I am definitely noticing that I am much stronger on the long/steep climbs overall.

The shoe experiment is progressing well and I've already picked a couple of favourites, and one pair that just isn't doing it for me.  On a random fueling note, I found an incredible energy-packed sandwich to make for long runs:  Peanut butter, nutella, and bananas...on homemade bread.  Mmmmmmm.  Also, I started testing Hammer's Perpetuem Solids.  They are...well...interesting.  They get stuck in my teeth pretty bad, but they actually taste fairly good.  For now, I'm mostly sticking with Hammer and Clif gels along with Powerbar "Energy Blasts" gummies.  As usual, I still rely heavily on Larabars and Clif Bars for the big calories and the S-caps for salts.

Next week will again be a step back week before I go for my peak week.  I had always wondered if I was capable of a 100-mile training week, and with this past week under my belt, I feel confident that it is.  Shoot, if I really wanted to, I could go out for an easy 8-miler tonight to finish it off (but I won't).  I am planning on doing an ultra-distance long run two weekends from now for my peak week as well.  I have been toying with the idea of running the entire 42-mile Black Forest Trail in central PA as it features 8500ft of gain and isn't too far of a drive from State College.  I back-packed it in 2006 and remember it being feisty.  Sounds perfect...

Quick Weekly Recap:
Miles: 7
Ascent: -
Notes: -
After tough weekend, I went out for a nice-and-easy 7-miler along the bike path.  It was an uneventful easy run.  While there is a few hundred feet of gain on this run, I'm leaving it as zero.

Miles: 13
Ascent: 2600'
Notes: -
I did a 4x repeat up/down Mt. Nittany in the morning, followed by another easy 7-miler that night. (My only 2-a-day for the week)

Mt. Nittany Repeats

Miles: 14.2
Ascent: 2000'
Notes: Headlamp
Went for a mid-week long run from my backdoor to the top of Mt. Nittany.  (I came down from the summit along the alternate north-east blue-blazed trail).

Mid-Week Mt. Nittany Long run

Miles: 10.6
Ascent: 3060'
Notes: Headlamp
Monster hill workout.  4x repeats up gas-line cut, followed by a 5+ mile trail run along Tussey Ridge and eventually back to car.

Tough Hills

Miles: 7
Ascent: -
Notes: -
Very easy bike-path run...the usual.

Miles: 19.4
Ascent: 4600'
Notes: New wildcat climb is fantastic.
Went with the typical Rothrock 30k course (in reverse), but changed around one of the climbs to make it a little tougher (mile 12).  Overall it was a good day and a good run.  Fueling went fairly well and I had no toe pain.

Modified Rothrock 30k Hilly Trail Run

Miles: 21
Ascent: 5500'
Notes:  Great elevation workout.  Perfect day.
This was a tough one.  I came up with a new route that really highlighted the climbs.  It ended up being a combination of two different out-n-backs.  The day was beautiful...lots of sunshine and warm breezes.  Awesome day for a run!  Definitely tired tonight.  The toe is still pain-free by the way...which is awesome!

Long hill day in Rothrock

Weekly Totals:
Miles: 92.2
Ascent: 17,760'


Wilderness Calling said... hint on what you are training for? Eco-Challenge? Speed Record on the PCT? First non-stop run across Antarctica?

Lakewood said...

:-) Sorry. This is the one time where I've decided not to publicly talk about the event up front (see a few posts back about this). I will probably post something afterword depending on how it goes. It is not any sort of speed record though, or anything requiring a multiple-month commitment.

I do have some pretty gnarly 100-milers on the books this year the massanutten (in May) that this training will undoubtedly help me for as well.

phil said...

john did you hear about the supposed arsenic issue with the Clif products due to brown rice syrup sweetner having elevated levels of organic and inorganic arsenic. good luck with your training and races.