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Friday, November 6, 2009

Christhchurch NZ: Delays, Delays, and More Delays

Well, the bad news is flights down to Antarctica are horribly backed up due to weather and mechanical issues.  The good news is that this means a few "free" days in Christchurch New Zealand!  I spent the morning going for a nice run around the park, and exploring the city.  I went to my favourite coffee shop, strolled through the botanical gardens, and paid a visit to the Canterbury Museum (featuring the Antarctic Exhibits).  It's nice to have a few days to take in the city, but I know it will just mean a lot of double-duty running around in McMurdo and WAIS when we finally get there.  Oh well, I can't (and won't) complain.  I'm enjoying whatever adventures come my way...
Cathedral Square

Sir Robert Falcon Scott Statue

At the CDC getting clothing

My partners in crime aka the 3 B's:  (Left side) Bess and Bo (right Side) Bruce

 Some interesting street signs

2009 Amundsen Nose Rubbing (for luck)

Last year's  2008 Amundsen Nose Rubbing (for luck)

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