John "lakewood" Fegyveresi

Monday, January 5, 2009

...The Day After.....

It's the day after our first storm here at WAIS and everyone survived. The drifting was pretty bad and there will be a lot of "digging out" today. Overall the storm packed at most about 35 knot winds with only a few hours of heavy snow. I would consider it a "medium" storm. We never hit an official lockdown at camp where everyone is forced to stay in the galley. I missed a small spot when covering my tent fly, so of course, blowing snow managed to sneak in and build up against my one wall. I woke up with a cold tent wall pressing against my face.

It is still blowing today, but the snowing and drifting has settled way down. We were supposed to get a flight, but obviously that is canceled. I took a couple of videos and pics and will post them all when I get home. Here are a couple samples:

Shot of camp during some of the snowing/blowing. Visibility down to 50 meters or so
Inverted footprints: During heavy drifting, footprints will flip upside down.

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