John "lakewood" Fegyveresi

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 100: Mile 2026.1 (37.7)

Location: Small Meadow

2000!!!. Crossed the 2k mark this morning and had a little dance on
the trail. Quite a diverse hiking experience today. Started with a 6
mile hike over exposed lava fields, then went around the back of mt
Washington. Following that, I got to play in some snow around three
fingered jack mountain. Tonight I'm camped in a meadow at 6400 feet
near snow and it will get cold! Tomorrow i tackle Jefferson. As you
can see by the pic, i will be dealing with snow on august 1st. Sigh.
Passed my first true sobos today. They started in Canada 1 month ago
and said all of Washington was snowy...great. Seems that that the
theme of this hike is going to be either snow or skeeters. Hopefully
not both at the same time.

With July over now, i thought I'd compile some stats:

Miles covered in July: 883.6
Avg miles per day in July: 28.5
Number of zero days: 0
Last zero day: south lake tahoe...almost 1000 miles ago.
Craziest weather: golf ball sized hail - ouch
Times poncho worn: 1 (yep, finally)
Scariest moment: A near lightning strike.

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Jeremiah said... ball size hail and a near lightning strike...unreal! Glad to see ya safe! Hike on!