John "lakewood" Fegyveresi

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 120: Mile 2579.0 (14.3)

Location: Bridge Creek Camp


Stehekin. Words cannot describe the awesome-ness of this isolated and
beautiful little town. I arrived at the dirt road...the point to
point road that leads to town but can't be accessed from the outside
world, at 9 am. The north cascades bus stops there every morning to
take hikers into the picturesque and quiet little town. I spent the
entire day simply sucking the marrow out of the perfect trail town
until my soul-cup was full. No question....not even close....BEST
trail town ever.....period.

As if the quiet little hamlet wasn't enough with its proximity to the
stunning lake chelan, there exists here, quite possibly, thee best
bakery ever. EVER. Cinnamon rolls the size of dinner plates,
homemade coffee cakes, cookies, get the picture. I
spent two hours there sipping excellent coffee, and eating my fill of
incredible baked goods.

After a full day of relaxation, I took the last bus out of town and
hiked 5 miles up trail to the very nice bridge creek camp. They have
bear boxes here....which means no mice hounding my tent tonight!

Today is my dad's birthday. He would have been 61. I couldn't think of
a better place to finish, reflect back on my past four month journey,
and stare out onto a beautiful lake while thinking of him. I miss you
dad and hope that you dont think I'm too crazy for going on these
ridiculous journeys.

Time to wrap this thing up and go home. The weather forecast looks
better than was reported...small chance of isolated rain sat and sun,
better weather Monday! Woo hoo.

85 miles to go...

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