John "Lakewood" Fegyveresi

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 110: Mile 2291.3 (33)

Location: Teiton Pass

Today featured one of the best trail segments on the entire pct so
far. After a rather mundane morning of long green tunnel, we ended
the day walking up into the goat rocks wilderness, which included a
traverse of the packwood glacier and a walk along a three mile knife
edge. It was amazing. The weather was quite bizarre as well. We had
fog, light rain, sun, mist, hail...all during that three miles. At
one point the mist was so thick it felt like hiking along in a cloud
on a trail that disappeared on both sides. Really great afternoon.

Tomorrow, we hit white pass early and will probably hang out at the
store for a while before hiking on to snoqualmie.

Washington section A, already coming to an end in 11 miles.

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