John "Lakewood" Fegyveresi

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 109: Mile 2258.3 (35)

Location: Lava Spring

Well, the old band is back together. With my double zero in cascade
locks, bojangles managed to catch back up to me. Since saturday,
we've been hiking together...just like old times. It's good to be
teamed up again. Wander and smiletrain have also caught up. Today we
hiked around mt Adams and did a solid 35 miles to get us to a campsite
near a spring. There's a pct trail crew here that's camped out
working on trail in the area...they gave us some free food! Tomorrow,
we will enter the goat rocks wilderness and hike over the packwood
glacier as well as the knifes edge...some of the best sections of the
entire pct. Then Wednesday I'll be heading into white pass for my
resupply and a little break before pushing to snoqualmie.

Time for bed....

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