John "lakewood" Fegyveresi

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 101: Mile 2056.9 (30.8)

Location: Jude Lake

Today was all about realizing just how much people like to talk things
up. I'm not sure why people can't just give an honest answer to a
simple question such as, "what is the snow like around mt.
Jefferson?". Typical responses included, "it's impassable", "do you
have an ice axe?", "miles of icy snow fields", "you need a gps for
sure", "the trail is completely covered, hope you have a compass",
there's snow down to 5000", blah blah. The truthful answer would have
been, "there are a couple of small snow fields near the top of the
pass that you have to traverse, but otherwise it's just patches and
drifts with lots of easy tracks to follow". I guess people that go
through snow want to make it sound worse so that it makes them seem
more bad-ass for making it through or something. Ok enough ranting.
Mt Jefferson was beautiful, as was Jefferson park. Took a ton of
pics. Made it to ollalie lake around 3:30 and relaxed outside the
small store with an ice cold soda and some good conversation with two
sobos: Jason and Cassandra. It was nice to get an honest scoop on
Washington conditions from them. Sounds like I shouldn't have any
trouble. As mt. Jefferson became smaller on the horizon, the upcoming
mt. Hood has started growing larger. Looking forward to hiking around
it and stopping in at the "lodge" up there. It's weird that I have
under 100 miles left in OR. I should end up finishing the entire
state in 15 days...crazy. 89 to do Cali, 15 for OR. Enjoying an
early evening with a campfire tonight by Jude lake. Only a couple
mosquitos too. Aiming for a big mile day tomorrow.

Pic is of ollalie lake with Jefferson about 10 miles away.

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