John "lakewood" Fegyveresi

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 104: Mile 2155.1 (18.2)

Location: Cascade Locks (OR-WA border)

What a great day...and a day that my feet never actually set foot on
the "official" PCT. Upon leaving camp this morning I hopped on the
Indian springs trail right behind my tent, which took me directly down
to the much anticipated and much favored eagle creek alternate trail.
This trail is about the same distance as the pct, still takes you into
cascade locks, and offers incredible views of stunning waterfalls.
Most pct hikers choose this alternate. Let me was worth it.
Tunnel falls alone made the trip for me with an awesome walk through a
rock tunnel behind a large cascading waterfall. When I got to town I
headed to charburgers where I was pleasantly surprised to run into
Ed. Turns out he got here yesterday and was zeroing. It was nice to
catch up, swap stories and simply hang around with a friend. Later,
sandman rolled in as well, I had figured he was ahead, but he had
actually taken some time in Sisters and had gotten behind me. Didn't
take that speed demon long to catch back up though! Rainbow brite
showed up too, and we all ate dinner at the pacific crest pub. Good
stuff! Anyway...took care of chores and my only job now is to relax
and enjoy my time here before heading into WA. Sent my bounce box
home today...that was weird. Will update again tomorrow.

Pic is of Bridge of the Gods. Yep, that's Washington on the other
side. :-)

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