John "lakewood" Fegyveresi

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 116: Mile 2466.4 (33.1)

Location: Seasonal Creek Campsite

First off...just checked my email at Stevens pass. Thank you everyone
who commented on my previous post. You can bet I'm going to finish
this thing. If not for myself, definitely for the ol' man :-)

Now back to last nights post...

Long day chock full of climbs. All of a sudden, the pct is acting
more like the AT. Went over several passes today and between each one
was a big descent and climb. The Mosquitos were real bad
today...guess the alpine lakes wilderness is good for hatching the
buggers. As I came to my last pass of the day before camp, I got an
extraordinary view of glacier peak. I must say it is my favourite
mountain so far to look at. Simply stunning. I'll be hiking around
it in two days. Tonight puts me at less than 200 miles from Manning
Park...and one week. Hard to believe that next Monday night (provided
all goes to plan), I'll be falling asleep in the manning park lodge
breathing a very large sigh of relief. My good feelings from
yesterday kept up through today and I felt good walking. Seeing
glacier peak gave me a huge jolt to keep up the miles. I'll admit
that the Mosquitos have me frustrated, but I can honestly say, I've
never anticipated a single section on this trail more than I'm
anticipating the north cascades (last 90 miles).

Tomorrow morning I cross Stevens pass and then head into Henry m.
Jackson wilderness and give myself a nice setup for glacier peak on
Wednesday and thursday. Still on target for Friday afternoon in

It's really winding down. I've been extremely fortunate to have such
nice weather in Washington. I hope the forecast holds.

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UltraChris said...

Hey John ... what I forgot to say is thank you for the reality-check. It's an easy hike from my chair, so thanks for the reminder that although it's an amazing trip, it's work. You have my total respect and it's OK to have a hard time - and you're making it through it. Rock on, man.