John "Lakewood" Fegyveresi

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 119: Mile 2564.7 (32.3)

Location: Spruce Creek Camp

Less than 100!!!!

From where I'm camped tonight, I have about 99 miles to Manning Park
(91 to border). I have finally made it down to double digits.

Today was a very long and hard earned day. First off, the morning was
very wet. I had an enormous climb up through way overgrown
trail...which of course meant everything got twice as wet.
Thankfully, the old growth blow downs near the suiattle were almost
all cleared, so I was able to make it through in good time. Crossing
the suiattle river was a bit hairy on an old log with gusting wind
blowing, but I made it over. The afternoon had another long and hot
climb up to over 6000 feet again. I pushed ahead tonight to set
myself up for a shot at the 9 am shuttle bus into stehekin. I have
eagerly been waiting for this town stop for a very long time. Many
argue it is the best on the trail. I actually met the bakery owner on
the trail tonight. I had to tell him to stop talking because the food
discussion was making my mouth water!

Anyhoo, once I get my fill of stehekin, I head into the north cascades
to tackle the final leg of this trip.

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