John "lakewood" Fegyveresi

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 102: Mile 2097.3 (40.4)

Location: Just past HW 26

Well I had always told myself that i wanted to do it just once. Today
was the day. In my over 5000 miles of hiking, I finally crossed that
mythical and legendary barrier of 40 miles in a day. Of all the days
to do it, this one certainly made sense. The trail was well groomed
and mostly flat...a hikers superhighway. The main reason was mostly
to set myself up for a Wednesday night arrival in cascade locks and an
early arrival at the timberline lodge tomorrow. The miles went by
quickly today and I took relatively short breaks. I dont anticipate
any more 40s as my body is hurting. Was nice to walk across the
highway and come to a picnic table tonight. Always nice to sit and
cook. The hiking today was almost entirely in the long green tunnel,
until the last 3 miles when I was greeted by an amazing view if mt.
Hood. Less than 55 Oregon miles remaining! Looking forward to a nice
break in cascade locks. Then...I tackle the WA.

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