John "lakewood" Fegyveresi

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 114: Mile 2401.8 (13.5)

Location: Snoqualmie Pass

Sitting here at the HoJo in snoqualmie taking a very nice Nero day.
Woke up early and pounded out the easy 13 to interstate 90. I bought
my food for this next stretch and now have nothing on my agenda except
for being a vegetable. There is a hot tub here and an attached
"pancake house". Nice.

Tomorrow I set out on my last long stretch of 170 miles before hitting
the last trail town of stehekin a mere 80 miles from the border. This
bit will take me through some tough mountians and the glacier peak
area....all rugged and stunning. Many people have told me the last
250 miles of the trail were their favourite. I'm looking forward to
seeing all of these beautiful areas.


The truth is....that I'm very ready for this hike to be over.
Mentally, I have lost most of my hiking motivation. Similar to my
massachusetts experience on the AT, I very much want to go home. With
nine days of hiking left however, I know I would always regret
quitting now. To be conpletely honest, i was ready to be done in
cascade locks, but tried to convince myself that id feel better once
in Washington. Half way through the state, I still feel the same.
So...for nine days, I will do what I had told myself I wouldn't do on
this walk....hike when my heart is no longer in it. I will try as
hard as I can to focus on the amazing scenery, but I will admit, nine
days seems like an eternity to me right now. To make matters worse,
everything is starting to go on wool shirts are fraying, shoes
have large holes, pack has big hole, one pair of not so good socks
left, tyvek is shot, iPhone has started acting wonky, left achilles
has been very sore, etc. Needless to say, I'm hanging on by a thread
and need to focus on the positives: awesome section coming up, best
trail town coming up (stehekin), and family flying out to meet me in

There are two certainties: I will finish this trail....and as amazing
as this walk has been, I will be glad when it is done.


Randy said...

Here's what I want to say, your posts are what I go to every day for inspiration. Your photos, your descriptions even your minor complaints are so great to read. While your heart may not be into finishing the last 9 days, you have gladdened and lightened mine. thank you so very much for keeping me peripherally connected to your 2010 PCT hike.

UltraChris said...

This is the biggest & best ultra of a lifetime. I have followed you religiously and have had a fantastic hike through you. Thanks, John. Just like finishing those 100s, put your head down & one foot in front of the other. And think of how good those short 100-milers will be after this!

R A said...

I want to echo others comments. On the positives - you can add 'lot' of people you are providing motivation to - seeing other human being getting over trials and tribulations is a huge boost to others. So keep going John and remember hikefordad?

Carri Fegyveresi Westbrook said...

I know you can do this. It has to be hard to know you only have 9 days left and you "heart" isn't in it, but remember "Dads HEART" is!!!! He would be very proud of you and so am I. Don't get me wrong, I have missed you these last 4 months but don't give up now. I can't wait to see you on the 27th and I know alot of other people can't wait either.
Keep your head up and remember "hikefordad".
Love you
Carri (sister)

Anais said...

Lakewood, you're incredible! You've been going so fast! I bet there will be another interesting night at WAIS Divide this year... I have been reading all kinds of interesting things about snow and ice lately... I've got things to tell you when you recover from all the beauties of the trail..
Do you ever backtrack to take a second look at some peculiar thing on the trail? A flower, a rock, a lizard...?