John "Lakewood" Fegyveresi

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 113: Mile 2388.3 (33.2)

Location: Stirrup Creek

Today started as usual at 5:45, but without having to break down a
tent. The miles went by fairly quickly today, quite different from
yesterday. We had a trail magic cooler filled with sprite, something
I haven't seen in several hundred miles. Walked along several clear
cut mountain sides and had amazing views of the upcoming misty
mountains. They look quite intimidating. After pulling into camp at
7:30, I set up my tent right on the trail. This is something I always
try to avoid doing, but with four people in our group it's hard to
find room sometimes. Hopefully, no one comes by. Tomorrow, it's an
easy 14 into snoqualmie where I'll be taking a nero. I'll be buying
my last food resupply and staying in my last hotel room on the trail.
Washington is just about half over.

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