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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 123: Mile 2663.5 (12.2) - THE END

Location: Manning Provincial Park, Canada!


It Is Finished.

Exactly 4 months from the day I took my first step north from the Mexican border, I placed my hands upon the sign reading "Northern Terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail". There's really no way to possibly sum up the whirlwind of emotion I'm experiencing right now...especially in a short blog update. I imagine I will compose a more thoughtful epilogue after a few days of letting it all settle in.

In a nutshell, I awoke this morning to some very cold temps. After a hot coffee and the last of my stehekin baked goods, I reluctantly made my way to the border. For those last four miles I tried to walk as slow as deliberately delay the end just a little
longer. When I rounded that last turn and saw the terminus post, I
couldn't hold it in. I broke down as I walked up to it and let out a
howl of joy, with tears streaming down my face. I was actually
there...actually touching the sign. The sign I had been dreaming
about for thousands of miles. I sat down unable to process my
thoughts. Eventually I went through the of myself at
the post, pics of just the post, video, pic of me dumping Mexican dirt
and katahdin water, and various other pics and vids. After a good
hour, I looked over at the sign welcoming me into Canada and made my
way towards manning park lodge. 8 short miles later I found myself
standing at the trailhead, at the final end. There was no more to
walk. It was over.

Now I sit here in my hotel room with countless thoughts racing through
my head. Like I said, I hope to put together an epilogue entry that I
have time to think about.

There are a few things I can say:

Favourite section of trail: Rainy Pass north to Canadian Border
(North Cascades)

Favourite Mountain: Glacier Peak

Least favourite section of trail: Southern Oregon (lots of stagnant
ponds and skeeters)

Closest I came to quitting: Snoqualmie Pass

People that I hiked with that gave me great company...without which I
may not have finished: Bojangles, Canadian Ed, Sandman,
Straightjacket, Wander, Smiletrain, Kerry, Crowdog, Moleman, Guthook,
Motor, Ishmael, Furniture, Rally, the list goes on...

Best trail town: Stehekin, followed by Sierra City

Best piece of gear: tie between Brooks cascadia 5's, and Tarptent

Worst piece of gear: Everything Mountain Laurel Designs (gaiters,
rain mitts, food bag).

Most unbelievable factoid: In all 123 days, it never Rained on me
(full on) once. I never hiked in my poncho. It sprinkled on me
several times, and I did put on my poncho once for when I thought it
was going to dump, but it never actually dumped on me. Crazy.

Best day: Probably two days ago. Going north of rainy pass.

Worst day: probably one of the giardia days:

Best food: tie between drakesbad and stehekin bakery.

Worst town stop: probably tahoe or yosemite (too crowded and stressful)

Best night on trail: cowboy camping on Cady Pass. Magical night of

Worst night on trail, previously that same night when demonic mice
attacked me.

Worst thing I did while hiking: Sneaking through lemah fire closure.
Sorry pcta.

Thing I missed most: good coffee

People I admired the most on the trail: Canadian Ed and Mr. Bojangles.

Most frustrating day: getting lost for five hours before south lake

Most awesome trail angel: Lloyd Gust

Food I ate the most: probably either snickers, pop tarts, or granola

People I'm most grateful to: everyone who donated to my dad's
memorial fund. Thank you!!!

I've run out of things to say. This is Lakewood here, signing off
from the trail for the last time. My incredible pct journey comes to
an end.

Thanks to everyone that actually read my goofy updates here, and to
those that perhaps I may have inspired to get out and try something
extraordinary. Like I posted a year ago after Leadville. We are all
capable of more than we think we are, and we can all do more than we
think we can. Now, I gracefully will exit stage left...

So long, and hike on...

Lakewood. PCT NOBO 2010

"To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield"


Collin Evans said...


Thank you for keeping everyone, including strangers like me, updated on the day-to-day adventures you went through. It was truly awe-inspiring. Would it be selfish of me to ask you to turn around and go back to Mexico so I have something to check when I get on my computer every evening? Seriously though… What you did was amazing and I can’t wait to read about your next adventure.



Unknown said...

Hey Lakewood!

Congrats on finishing the PCT! What an adventure, and I am in the same boat as Collin...will miss checking my computer every night to see what happened to you on the trail! Good luck at school!

God bless,

p.s. I think the most amazing thing is that it didnt rain on you once during the whole journey. That is simply amazing!

Jeremiah said...

Hey Lakewood!

Congrats on finishing the PCT! What an awesome accomplishment! Good luck as you get back into the school mode! Cant wait for you next adventure...maybe the Western States 100!

God bless,

p.s. I cant believe it didnt rain on you once during the whole trip! That is simply amazing!

Jeremiah said...

Hey Lakewood.

Sorry about the double post. I didnt realize the first one went through, since I pressed to cancel it. You can delete the careerian post if you want.


Unknown said...

Way to go! Congrats!


EJ said...

Welcome to Canada; )
A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS for hiking the entire 2663.5 miles of the PCT!! Funny how you slowed your pace when you knew the end was near(I bet you never did that in a race) and I am sure you will miss her(the trail) for some time to come.

Today is a day to rest, reflect and revel in your MONUMENTAL accomplishment. You earned it well. Enjoy!

R A said...


Scott McPherson said...

Congratulations on your well documented journey!
I met you and Ismael just off San Jacinto in SoCal (me-yellow jeep). I "followed" you ever since. Thank you for your inspiration and great words.

Anonymous said...

Also congrats from Switzerland, an incredible accomplishment!

You're my hero!

Martha said...

I've eagerly watched your blog from the beginning. My son, Ishmael is out there, likely to finish in the next day or so. I'm so proud of all of you guys. Thanks for your great detailed posts and letting me hike vicariously through your words.
-Martha, Mother of Ishmael

Sank said...

CONGRATS! What an inspiring journey. I have been reading along with you and although I have never met you I feel that I have walked a few miles along with you.

Randy said...

Oh my goodness, I hope you are basking in the glory of your accomplishment. I spoke to Bojangles when he finished and told him the same. You men are amazing athletes. Lakewood, I repeat, you have kept my spirits up this summer and with the few glimpses of Bojangles have helped my heart both metaphysically and in real time.
I know your dad is as proud of you, as I am of Bojangles. Ever come to Charleston, SC, look me up.
Randy Greenberg, mom of Bojangles

UltraChris said...

Thanks for the trip and all that it stood for. Congratulations. As I sit here at 12:24am, it brings tears to my eyes. Hope to see you out on the running scene again! Rest and recover well.