John "Lakewood" Fegyveresi

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 121: Mile 2615 (36)

Location: Glacier Pass Campsite


I don't even know where to begin today. I guess I'll throw out the
numbers first. Let's see....I passed the 2600 mile mark today; the
last 100 mile mark. Also I now have 40 miles to Canada, and 48 to
Manning Park. That's less than I run at the Vermont 50... Crazy.
Lastly, I crossed the last highway today, so I'm now committed to
finishing. No bailout points.

Now on to more important things. A few days ago I stated that glacier
peak was my favourite mountain on the trail. While this still holds,
I can definitively say that the north cascades are my favourite group
of mountains. Walking along the ridges today literally gave me goose
bumps. I stopped many times just to take it all in. These mountains
have so much character...indescribable other than to say it's
impossible to not be in awe of them. Today was the best day on the
entire trail for me as far as amazement factor. Even more than the
Sierra. I'm not just saying this because I'm almost done either...but
I have a feeling this last 90 miles will be my favourite of the entire

The day started with an almost 5000 foot climb, but it was spread out
over 15 miles, so I was able to keep a great pace up. With the cooler
weather, I can really hike hard, and not get dehydrated. When I hit
cutthroat pass, and I looked ahead at the breathtaking cascades in
front of me, I about broke down in tears. So amazing. Oh and did I
mention the ridiculously awesome, U-shaped, glacially carved valleys?
(see pic)

I love northern Washington. Even the rain stayed away
today...although it was pretty grey and cold. I passed several day
and section hikers today and got lots of "congrats". This time, it
was a little easier to say thank you. It really set in just how close
I am to having actually walked from Mexico to Canada.

2 more days. Tomorrow is my last full hiking day, and will be my last
night in my tent. Weird.

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