John "Lakewood" Fegyveresi

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 122: Mile 2651.3 (36.3)

Location: Castle Pass


Well here it is. My last night in my tent. And it's raining. I
managed to avoid hiking in it though and so again dodged the poncho.
It's coming down good now. Hope it passes by tomorrow morning.

I sit here, a mere 4 miles from the border not sure how to process
this knowledge. How can I be that close? It seems I've been walking
forever...have i actually made it? I still won't believe it until I
see that terminus sign tomorrow. Today was another beautiful day of
ridgeline hiking over multiple cascade passes. What a fantastic
setting to end such a memorable journey. I found it hard to stay in
the present today. My mind wandered a lot to people I met, towns I
spent time in, and landscapes I witnessed. So many memories
made...that I will keep forever. I thought about the future too. How
hard will it be for me to go back into school mode? Will I have a
hard time with friends? I know coming back from the AT was a tough
transition....I'm hoping it goes easier this round.

So...the plan. Tomorrow morning I sleep in a little and make some hot
coffee for breakfast. Then I stroll the 4 miles to Canada and
celebrate for a while at the monument...where I will also dump my
katahdin water and my Mexican dirt. Then I will hike the 8 mile
extension trail to manning park where I will call my
journey..."ended". I plan on staying a night at the lodge, and family
is flying out to meet me either in Vancouver or Seattle. Then I fly
home and leap into school mode....not before going to one nice coffee
house and enjoying a slow cup of java. That's what I've been dreaming

Signing off for the last time from my tent.

(Pic is in my tent)

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