John "lakewood" Fegyveresi

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 112: Mile 2355.1 (35)

Location: Camp Urich Shelter

Got my first "congratulations" today from some day hikers on my thru-
hike. Guess i am getting pretty close. I didnt want to tell them i
still had 300 miles of very difficult trail to go, so i politely
smiled and nodded and said "thank you". Today was one of those days
where the miles were really hard to come by. It seemed like all day we
were never as far as we thought we were. The good news though is that
the whole day centered around the massive Mt. Ranier. We had
beautiful ridge walking with rainier towering over and even Adams and
st. Helens in view. At chinook pass we took a nice break before a
very long afternoon pushing for the urich cabin. It's roomy in here
and we are inside away from the rain clouds and Mosquitos. Tomorrow
we will probably do another big mile day to set us up for snoqualmie.

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