John "lakewood" Fegyveresi

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 103: Mile 2136.9 (39.6)

Location: Indian Spring Campground

Well, I almost ended up doing another 40 today. I had no intention of
it that's for sure. I started the day with a 10 mile sprint up to the
timberline lodge where I chowed on the breakfast buffet. I went up 5
times to fill up my plate. With a full belly and a lot of motivation,
I walked fast once I left. I opted for the more scenic Ramona falls
trail and was rewarded with a nice lunch break in front of cascading
falls. After a nasty little climb, I ran into a section hiker named
Aaron who is hiking the entire Oregon section. He told me he was
shooting for indian spring and I said I'd tag along...little did I
know it would have me hiking until 9 pm. I considered stopping
earlier, but it was nice to have the company. Now, I have a short 18
into town tomorrow on the much anticipated Eagle Creek Trail. Then a
much needed break.

Pic is of timberline lodge

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