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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 107: Mile 2191.3 (36.2)

Location: Panther Creek

Welcome to Washington!!! What an INCREDIBLE two days off. Had a lot
of fun, and it was very relaxing. With that being said, let's talk
about today. I'd like to acknowledge today as "AT day" for two
reasons. First, it was today that I passed the 2174 mile in
a sense, I have now hiked another Appalachian Trail. Second, today
marks my 107th day on the trail (including zeros). Coincidentally,
this is also exactly how many days I was on the AT. Must be my magic

I have decided to break Washington up into four manageable sections.
Mentally, it's easier for me to tackle the state in smaller increments.

Section A: Border to White Pass: ~150 Miles

Section B: White Pass to Snoqualmie ~100 miles

Section C: Snoqualmie to Stehekin ~160 miles

Section D: Stehekin to Border ~ 90 Miles (+8 miles to manning park)

So...only ~110 remaining in section A

Im starting to get pretty weary of walking, but the break I just took
certainly helps. I'm very much looking forward to Washington, but
also to going home.

Pushing on...

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Jeremiah said...

if you get weary of can always do some trail running! ;O)

Happy hiking!