Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So...what has become of my trips.  Well, it's been a while since I've put any kind of update on here. Here's the latest:

My backpacking trip is in less than two weeks now.  I finally bought my new tent.  I went with a tent from REI called the Quarter Dome UL.  It is ultra-light (hence the UL) and is perfect for backpacking.  I am really looking forward to it. Pat and I have a great trail picked out in the smokies (about 20 miles) and we have most of the gear ready.  There are just a few other things we have to buy (mostly camping food). 

So what about Europe.  Well...I did get my passport and I have been reading my "Let's Go" guide to Europe.  I have had to push it back a few months in order to save up enough funds.  I still have my tax return money banked...but it won't be enough for the trip if I also buy a eurail pass.  I can't really go in June/July because the World Cup will be there.  At this point it looks like it won't be until August.  I might still try to squeeze it in before that....but I really don't want to rush it.  It will happen.  I guarantee it.  I will be in Europe before Autumn.  Once this backpacking trip is over...I'll have more time to seriously plan for it.
that's about all I have right now...I will update more in the next day or two.  I'm getting kicked out of the coffee house, so I have to cut this short.