Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gearing Up for the CT

Gearing Up for my CT Hike! Colorado...Here I come.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First Test of Blogger/Flickr Combo

Well....this is my first blog post featuring a flickr photo. I'm
trying to set it up so that I can email photos and blog updates. I am
also trying to set it up so that I can updates from my cell phone.
Currently, It looks like my phone doesn't support the right type of
messaging format.
I head off to trail days in a couple of days and will hopefully
getting a lot of useful information down there from fellow hikers
about the Colorado Trail.

I can't wait!

Pocono Marathon, the House, and Colorado

It's been a while since I posted a blog entry. I just wrapped up my spring semester (and thankfully survived Math Modeling...*ugh*).

Had a couple of updates that I thought I'd post.

First off...the house did finally sell in Cleveland. I am just waiting for the final closing (in another month or so) before I finally take that long sigh of relief.

Second...In 3 weeks I leave for Denver Colorado where'll I'll spend 3-4 weeks studying the latest ice-core that was drilled last season in Antarctica. Here's the best part though: After the research stuff is over, my advisor has given me permission to stay an extra 3 weeks in Colorado so that I can hike the Colorado Trail! SWEEET. I am trying to set up a blog site with live txt, blog, and photo feeds that I can update right from the trail (thanks jeremiah, stitch, and figgy for the inspiration on this) It will be at the following address:

It is still under construction...and will be for a while. I am still new at getting all the plug-ins working so it may end up not working...I don't know.
I'll also be updating my trailjournals site as well:


last Sunday, I successfully survived my first marathon. Over christmas break last year, my good friend Aaron was in the last week of marathon training. After he told me that, I felt rather I got back to school in January, i decided to give it a try myself. I started a marathon training program (Hal Higdon) and religiously stuck to it. My goal was to simply finish...with a secondary goal of finishing in under 4 hours. The race was in the Pocono Mountains in Eastern PA, and was a beautiful course. Mom and Carri drove down to cheer me was great. I somehow managed to finish...AND, in 3hrs 53 minutes. woohoo.