Sunday, March 12, 2006

Newest Updates here is where I'm currently at.
My backpacking/hiking trip with Pat is officially on.  We will be going the weekend of April 21st.  (leaving Thursday April 20th).  I will have to buy some gear, but I have most of what I need already.  We have picked out a sweet 20 mile trail in 
the southern half of the Smokey's.

The big trip....
While I still haven't made an official decision yet, I have bought a "Let's Go" guide for Western Europe.  Right now it is looking like that will be my trip, but I haven't ruled out Iceland yet either.  New Zealand and Mongolia are out.  I haven't received my passport yet either.  I will have a final decision by next week.

The song recording:
I am going into the studio Sunday afternoon to finish the song.  If everything goes well, I will have it posted Sunday night.
take care everyone and happy St. Patty's day!

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