Monday, November 9, 2009

Sitting Comfortably in McMurdo

The good news is that we've all made it down to McMurdo.  The bad news is....well that we still haven't had any successful flights out to WAIS Divide (except for the initial camp put-in).

This means that I will probably be here in Mac town for a while (at least a week).  I spent the day busy with classwork.  I had to take the refresher snow school course and buff up my knowledge on radio usage, survival, and cold weather life.  I also had my Science in-brief and gathered my gear the  Berg Field Center (aka "the BFC").

I am crammed like a sardine into a dorm room with 4 other "transient" camp folks and it certainly makes for a noisy (snoring) evening.  I imagine that I will be through with most of my gear retrieval and classwork by end of week.

Here are some quick pics:

The mighty C-17 in Christchurch

View from the C-17 featuring huge crack in the sea ice

One of many ice streams seen from the C-17

Mighty Mt. Erebus (with cargo line in front)

Mt. Terror and the ice runway outside of McMurdo

Action on the ice runway:  LC-130 Hercs queuing for take-off

Galley in McMurdo

Ultrarunningguy creator made a comic about my ice adventures.  Yay!


Jeremiah said...

Hey Lakewood!

How cool! I didnt realize you knew the Ultra Running Guy! I love his comics! That is very cool that you got your own comic from him! Loved it!

Well have a great time down there! Looking forward to see what adventures will come your way!

Scott said...

You've had lots of cool adventures and have documented them with cool pics. Nice.

I work at Pratt & Whitney (maker of the engines on the C-17) and worked for several years on the program that managed the maintenance of those engines...