Friday, March 12, 2010

The Pull of the Trail...

A.T. Thru Hike Completion 15-Aug-07

Something wonderful this way comes...

It is that time of year, and normally I would credit the overwhelming feeling that I'm having to the usual: "Springer Fever".  The unyielding desire that comes in early Spring, to head back to the trailhead and start walking.  This year....well this year is different.

I am sitting in my rather mundane and average apartment, living a rather mundane and average existence, with a notion in my mind that is unshakable.  Very soon, I WILL be at the trailhead.  I have made the decision that I will be hiking again very soon, and am simply sorting out some details right now.  Rest assured, it will happen.  I have been thinking seriously about another hike since my time in Antarctica.  Asking myself things like, "How much time will I have?", "Where do I want to go?", "What will my money situation be?" and "How much time do I have for planning?" The past few weeks a few things have made this whole idea become more of a reality.  Of course I still haven't made an official decision on graduate school yet, but what I've come to realize is that it won't matter.  I am still going to go walking.  

I was online reading some trailjournals and getting some ideas and a ran across one quote that really spelled it out for me.

"It didn't take long after thru-hiking the AT for me to realize what I had found.  A different world.  A world full of good things.  Simplicity.  Relaxation.  Freedom.  Self-confidence.  Camaraderie.  Before hiking the AT, "the trail" represented images of dirt paths, mountains, streams, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, camping stoves, etc.  Mostly physical things.  After returning home, I quickly realized that "the trail" represents more of a feeling.  A feeling of being INVINCIBLE.   I want that feeling again.  I want to go back..."   -Yogi

It's good to know I am not alone when I say that the trail is where I am drawn to, and where I must go.  To anyone who hasn't been through it, there is no way to explain it in words. always, I have a superstition about announcing big events before they become official.  Once my plans become "official" (ie food bought and airfare purchased), I will spell out my plans on here in full and gratuitous detail.

Until then, happy trails everyone, and this is going to be one hell of a summer!


Colorado Trail Thru Hike Completion 11-July-2008


doIhavetoReally said...

All the isn't PCT, is it?

Jeremiah said...

I dont know if my vote counts, but I vote for the PCT! Cant wait to see what you decide on! Happy hiking!