Saturday, December 25, 2010

3rd Christmas in Antarctica!

Merry Christmas from WAIS Divide, Antarctica.............again.

Yep. 3rd year in a row where I've exchanged gifts thousands of miles from civilization. This year's was the best WAIS Christmas yet. With only 37 people at camp, it was a very nice celebration. I got a nice new hand-knit wool hat in the gift exchange. The chefs here again shocked-and-awed us with the dinner. We have three new and very different cooks this year and they floored us last night with the meal. We were treated to Lobster, Fillet Mignon, Cheese Fondue, Flourless chocolate-raspberry tart cake, Red wine, good laughs, and good people. We even had a TV playing a looping DVD of a fireplace at the end of the table. It was fantastic. With that said however, I couldn't help but let my mind wander back home. This year was certainly one of the hardest to be away for the Holidays. We make the best of the situations we are put in

So enjoy the holidays everyone, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan....or as some of us call it Rama-Hanu-Kwanz-Mas :-D
Tell your parents you love them, hug a friend, help someone with their groceries, be thankful for all that you've been given, and keep on enjoying the most precious gift of all....this wonderful life you've been given.

I am thankful for so many wonderful things I've been able to do this year and most importantly, for all the wonderful people in my life., time to go drill some ice cores! Yay for Science!

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Woolfairy said...

Merry christmas. I have enjoyed following your blog that I found near the beginning of your PCT trip. (Courtesy of Green Tortuga). Thanks for letting me have a peek into your wanderings.