Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's on for 2011?

Out for a jog in Antarctica

It's usually about this time that I put together an update and a video rambling off my "goal for 20xx"...something new to push myself.  Something different.  While I certainly have not become apathetic, nor have I given up on this philosophy, I'm just having a hard time thinking past the next two days lately.  This holds especially true in light of the enormity of my PCT trek last year.  This will obviously be a step-back year with a much different approach.  I have thought a bit about what I'd like to do this year besides the immense loads of research and schoolwork, and while I've come up with a few interesting ideas, I haven't decided on anything definitively.  Mostly, this year will be a close repeat of 2009.  I have plans to run a lot of trails and compete in some ultras.  I can tell you what I do know.

  • In May, I will be running my third Pocono Marathon....the official start to my 2011 race season (although I did run a 10-mile race a few weeks ago as a warm up, and may do a 10k here or there).
  • For Memorial Day, I will be spending the weekend with family up in Rochester where I will run a 5k race with both my sister and mom.  The first time the entire Fegy family will be running together.  (dad will be there too).
  • Some time in May or June, I hope to head back to one of the first places I ever hiked, and this time with good company, to do a little 42-mile slow-paced fun jaunt along the Black Forest Trail
  • I have no scheduled races in June, but will probably sign up for the Laurel Highlands 50k as a primer race for July.
  • For 2.5 weeks in June I will again be playing in Colorado at the Ice Core Lab!
  • In July I plan to run the Finger Lakes 50 and Vermont 100 again.
  • Rest of July and August is still being worked out.  If I decide to do something different, it will be in here somewhere.  I have thought a lot about incorporating either my kayak or new touring bike into the mix though....and whatever I do, will be limited to ~ 2 weeks.  I will say that I am seriously considering the Long Trail though.
  • September - December I will be laying low and really focusing on school.
  • December - Off to Antarctica again....for the last time. :-(
I guess once I figure things out, I will try to post the details up here.  Regardless of what I decide on though, it will undoubtedly be memorable.

hike on/happy trails/happy running everyone 

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Unknown said...

It is pretty hard to follow up a thru-hike year. I'm having the same difficulty in planning ahead as you mention, but I guess there's nothing unexciting about the "normal" life you've got going now anyway. Sometimes I think it's just the shock value of things like the PCT that make them seem so much more exciting than other things. If someone asks you what you're doing this summer, saying "I'm hiking the PCT" will knock their socks off. Telling them the whole list you've got here will impress them, but it doesn't have the immediate effect, even though all those things together are just as exciting as, if not more than, one big adventure. Funny how that works, eh?

Carri Fegyveresi Westbrook said...

You forgot to put the most important race on your 2011 schedule of events. The 5k race with your sister and your mom in Rochester, NY. I know a 5k is no biggie for you but it is for us and it is a family affair - LOL

Lakewood said...

you're right carri. pretty myopic of me to need put that. It will be the first time we all do a race together. That is pretty darn remarkable....

adding it....

Ryan, yeah it is funny. I remember doing the CT in 2008 after the AT and it was sooo different that it felt as powerful. but this time it really will be quite a step-back from such a large undertaking that the PCT was.

Carri said...

Thanks :o)