Sunday, January 15, 2012

10,000 Miles (from Antarctica!)

On May 1st, 2007, I took my first step on the Appalachian Trail for what would become a 2175 mile thru-hike. Since that day, I've been keeping track of all of my hiking and running miles. Every day that I go out for a run, be it a 3-miler or a 100-miler, it gets recorded. I consider hiking to be an athletic form of forward motion as well, so I lump those miles in with running miles (daily walking around doesn't get recorded though...only actual hiking) When I left home for the 2nd Antarctic deployment of the year back in early December (for the WAIS Divide camp), I noticed that my mileage totals were nearing 10,000. I realize that this number is just that....a number, and there are probably some large error bars on that number, but mentally, it is an enormous milestone for me. In 4 and half years, I managed to move myself, actively, 10,000 miles by either running or hiking. That's almost 6 miles a day.....every day. Certainly the AT, PCT, and CT thru-hikes make up a large portion of that, but the running makes up for nearly half. In 2011 alone, I ran well over 2000 miles (almost as much as another AT thru-hike). start off 2012, I decided to celebrate with an inaugural 10,000 mile run. On January 1st, I suited up, and went out for a brisk 5-miler along the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and calmly celebrated not only a successful ice-core drilling season here at camp, but a successful progression to the magical number of 10,000 motion-miles.

Unlike last year, I've been able to run almost every day here at WAIS. While my long runs have suffered a bit (it's too cold to run any longer than 90 minutes), I have maintained a steady flow of 5-8 mile runs. I've even been doing hill training on the winter-over storage berms (it's the only topography at camp).

I head home very soon now, and will immediately jump into a very aggressive training routine over the next 2-3 months. I have an enormous race to prepare for and have to be well-prepared. (more details on that as soon as I get home)

and so my friends,
hike onward,
run onward,
and have fun out there


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Anonymous said...

That's amazing man. I envy your drive! I did a thru-hike a few years back with my wife, but I haven't been on a real run in over a decade so you've got me beat on that front haha. Though on my thru hike I played pack mule and ended up lugging my wife's pack more than once. I was often carrying over 100 lbs in gear a day. No thanks to my wife over-packing like this was any old trip hah. How would you like to carry one of these folding hammocks for over 2000 miles and NEVER use it. "We use it when we go camping, why wouldn't we use it?" And of course I get stuck carrying it, but when can you do? Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Keep up the good work, I love following your blog.