Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Thru-Hiking Year Comes to an End

Well...2007 has finally come to an end. I have survived my first semester of Grad School and my mind has never fully left the A.T.   It's amazing how much I couldn't wait to be finished...and now all I want is to be back out there. I feel almost compelled to thru-hike again in 08. People always talk about how it gets "in their blood". Well, It is in mine. I don't know if it always was and I simply woke it up, or if it was a newly added thing...but regardless, it's there now.

2007 will always be one of the most important years of my life. I set an incredible goal for myself and actually accomplished it. All the things that I had hoped to "sort out", I was able to....and I also was surprised by a lot of other unexpected experiences.  Whether or not I'm hiking next summer, I am definitely going to go to trail days...since I missed it by a few days this year. So hopefully I will see many of you there.  Happy Holidays to everyone and for those of you still on the fence on whether or not you can make an 08' thru hike CAN. I was in the same boat, and was able to pull together a plan in less than a week this year.   It might be a little stressful, but it will be worth it. I only wish I could thru-hike every year.

I want to personally thank the following people for helping me to make my hike a reality:

My Mom:   For sending all my PO boxes, taking care of my bills, and for her genuine support. Love you mom.

My sister: For watching my cat, and taking care of my car.

Aaron Nolan: For driving from Providence RI, to meet me in Ft. montgomery NY and hike with me for a day and a half. (And for sharing a few beers and good 'ol times)

Patrick McGinty: For driving over 10+ hours round trip from Cleveland to Shendandoah to hike with me for a day and feed me the best food on the entire trail (Thanks for the cornish hens!!!!!)

"Nature Boy"/Willy Syndram: For the good company throughout the Smokies and into Hot Springs

"Wrongturn"/Michael McDaris: For the awesome company from Gorham NH all the way to Katahdin. I sincerely do not know if I would have made it through Maine alone. Take care of yourself Mike. I hope someday we cross paths on the CDT or PCT.

My Cousins April and Patrick: For printing out a large AT map and following my progess every day. And patrick...I was honored to be the subject of your show and tell in school and loved sending you post cards at every town stop.

My Fegy Family: For hosting the Fegy Fest (reunion) at the perfect time so that I could take a break mid-hike to see everyone.

and most importantly:
My Dad: for hiking every step of the 2174 miles by my side. I know that every time I wanted to quit, I thought of you dad, and refused to give up. I hope that I make you proud.

take care everyone, and again....Happy Holidays/New Year.
-john "lakewood" fegyveresi

Lakewood 2007 NOBO

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