Saturday, December 8, 2007

Reconstructing Paleoclimates On West Antarctic Ice Sheet Using Ice Core Bubble Number-Density

woooo...that's a mouthful.

this is the tentative title for my master's thesis as of Dec 6th. I have officially chosen Dr. Richard Alley as my advisor...which I'm extremely excited about. Dr. Alley is literally world famous when it comes to climate change, ice-sheet response, and glaciology. (google him) He co-wrote the IPCC report on climate change and indirectly just co-won the Nobel Peace Prize (with big Al). I couldn't have picked, in my opinion, a more fascinating person as my advisor.

Tentatively, it looks like I'm going to be going to Denver late next semester to the NICL (national ice core lab) to take measurements on some ice cores. I was hoping to actually get to antarctica, but that probably won't happen until next season. The core I'm going to study is being drilled right now. Oh well. This is all very tentative. I am also excited to be taking some cool classes next semester. On of them (tectonic geomorphology) has a week long field trip to study the geology in southern California!


that's it for now. I'm hoping if I do end up in denver, I might try to hike the Colorado trail. I've always wanted to...and since ending my AT hike, I miss being out there. I hope to someday do the PCT. I really do.


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