Saturday, November 15, 2008

My First Penn State Game!! (PSU vs. Indiana)

End of the game:  Final Score 34-7
Well, I was fortunate enough this week to acquire a student section ticket to my first Penn State home game.  Yes I know what you're thinking, "John, haven't you been at Penn State now for 2 years?"  The answer is yes.  I did not attend a single game last year nor up till now this year.  With last weeks horrible loss to Iowa, this was a perfect week to get tickets that people were dumping.  I met up with a couple of fellow geoscience folks and we headed up to the student section.  We had great seats (1st row of upper deck).  I forgot my camera, but did have my iPhone, so I did manage to get a few pictures.

A little band action before the game...
Penn State rushing onto the field...
First touchdown!!  7 - 0
Some of the Blue Band came up to play for us in the student section...
The lion also came up to the student section for a visit....
Final Score 34 - 7 !!!  Woo Hoo!!
On the walk home, a rainbow formed that literally dipped 
right down into Beaver Stadium.  It was quite poetic!

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Jeremiah said...

Atleast Purdue game them a game unlike the Hoosiers! Still the same outcome though!

I think it is cool to go to a game every once in a while at the stadium, but I think watching the game in the comfort of my living room and stocked frig is way better!