Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Stratton Motel - For Sale!!

Photo Taken Outside the Stratton Motel:
Well, I just got my latest installment of the A.T. magazine in the mail today.  In the classified section at the end it had the Stratton Motel listed as "For Sale".   For those of you that don't know, Maine is arguably the most difficult state to hike on the A.T.  Towns are few and far between, and staying at a place like the Stratton Motel is literally a life saver...not to mention it is also extremely affordable.  Stratton was a great little town, and the owner of the Motel was even nice enough to give me and Mike a ride to the trailhead the following day.  I sincerely hope that whoever buys it, keeps the A.T. traditions alive.  I still remember vividly quite a bit about my stay there.  If I had $250,000 to spare, I would seriously consider it myself....


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