Monday, August 3, 2009

More Vermont 100 Pictures and Video

Hannah and Chris sent me a few photos from the Vermont 100 and I thought I'd post them here...

Chris and me on Friday Evening
Just after finishing...(replete with eerie red glow!)
This is what John looks like after running for 100 miles and
over 23 hours. Photo was taken moments before my self-shutdown

...oh and I did run 15 easy trail miles this past Saturday and it felt great. I took it nice and slowly, and my foot feels great today. I decided to take Sunday AND today off, before starting my weekly runs (although I will throw in some mild strength training and a very short speed workout). Tuesday through Thursday I will go out for some moderate-light runs, take Friday off, and then attempt a very nice long run Saturday (20+ easy trail miles). Then I will slowly taper to Leadville. I realize this is probably not enough training, but my goal for Leadville is to finish, and I simply don't want to push it too hard when my body is still on some level recovering from Vermont.


UltraChris said...

i am way impressed, john! i can't wait to hear about leadville. keep up the strong work.

Boris T said...

Very impressive, keep up the good work.