Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 3: Mile 52.7 (26.3)

Location: Pioneer Mail Trailhead
The human body is an amazing thing. It has ways of telling you when
it is pissed off. Last night I woke up literally shivering. My old
40 degree bag (w/liner) just wasn't cutting it against the 28 degree
temps. When your body starts shivering, it means you are in first
stage hypothermia. ( the things I learn in Antarctica). So what did I
do? I did what I was taught. I ate lots of food immediately, I boiled
some water and drank it, while doing jumping jacks. It wasn't fun.
Needless to say, my family is express mailing my 15 degree bag to me
and I will have it in three days. In the mean time I'm wearing all of
my layers, hat, gloves to bed, with my stove ready. If tonight is bad
again I may go into julian tomorrow and suck up a pricy hotel room.
We'll see. I can't believe it's nearly may, I'm practically in
Mexico, and there's snow everywhere over 5000 ft. Seriously....WTF?
Anyway. Today was a great day of hiking. I did most of it with a guy
named gut-hook. Took lots of great pics of southern Cali. I wasn't
planning on an over-20 day, but the miles just kept ticking by.
That's it for now. Gotta save my battery life. Tomorrow the water
is scarce, I'll be carrying 4+ liters. Ugh.
Shooting for a nice and easy 18-20. No rush though. The sierras
aren't gonna melt any faster.
Warner springs in 3 days!

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Jeremiah said...

Hey Lakewood!

Sounds like things are going well despite the chilly nights! The terrain must be pretty easy to get in a couple of 20's already! regards to the snow, I didnt see an ice hammer in your gear video! Do you plan on using one on your hike? Anyhoo...

Happy hiking!