Sunday, April 4, 2010

PCT Prep Update #3: Food Part 1

SNICKERS!!!!  This is the only time in my running/cardio infested life when I can feel guilt free about eating complete garbage for food.  A typical thru-hiker burns 5000 calories a day.  This means, I need as much high calorie food in me as possible. 

I made my first run to the Wholesale club tonight with my sister (thanks for your membership card Carri) and went hog-wild.  I've purchased about 70% of the food that I'm going to buy up front (enough to realistically get me through California)

My eating routine on the AT consisted of 5 "snacks" per day, and a freeze dried dinner.  After a while I was pretty sick of this, so I'm trying to "mix things up" on this hike.  Instead of bars only, I'm going with a wider variety of sustenance.

Layout 1:
Daily snack bars, candy, pop tarts, protein bars, peanuts, etc

Layout 2:
Some dinner/lunch supplies

It looks nice and pretty now...but wait until I have to start bagging it!  

More to come soon


UltraChris said...

So cool, John! Looking at all that food makes alone makes me want to hike mega miles! Sounds like a fun and exciting adventure. Best of luck to you and take care of yourself out there. Hope to see you back on the ultra running scene soon!

Boris T said...

Wow lots of food. Good luck man!