Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3000m and Deepest US Ice Core!

Despite a rather rough start to our drilling season here at WAIS Divide, we are steamrolling now and passing all sorts of milestones. Late last week we finally hit 3000 meters. Then only a few days later we passed Dome Fuji (Antarctica) in total depth. Just yesterday we finally passed GISP 2 (Greenland) in total depth making the WAIS Divide Ice Core the DEEPEST American Ice Core EVER drilled (We are currently at just under 3100 m). Our season has been extended by 5 days thereby putting our original goal of 3330 meters possible. Hitting this depth would make the WAIS Divide core the 2nd deepest core every drilled by anyone (2nd only to the Russian Drilled Vostok core which is closer to about 4000 m). Crazy!

Anyhoo. I'm really looking forward to the season wrapping up and to getting home. 10 days of drilling left!


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