Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowpitting at WAIS Divide

For the past couple of days here at WAIS Divide, a small number of us have been working on a new back-lit snowpit. We have some media folks here filming clips for a WAIS Divide documentary and part of the footage they requested was inside a backlit pit. We took great care to shave the wall nice and clean. Of all of the pits I've worked on over the past three years, this one certainly came out the nicest. Great annual stratigraphy, spectacular preservation of surface features, and several noteworthy wind crusts. Cool stuff! In this pic, I'm pointing to the largest crust seen in the 2-meter wall. These large crusts could be related to the interesting surface glazes I've also been documenting.

Anyhoo...I'll stop dorking out now.

Ice core drilling is starting to wrap up. We only have about two weeks left. This Saturday we will hit 3000 meters and so everyone is getting excited.

That's it for now. Looking forward to get back home.


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