Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Family 5k

me, mom and carri (sister) ready to run

Just a short memorial day 5k recap.  Drove up to see my mom and sister this weekend and spend the long weekend enjoying some good barbecue and family time.  We had all decided a few months ago that we'd try to run a 5k together.  Both my mom and sister had started some training to get ready and we were all good to go for a nice run around some quiet neighborhoods of Irondequoit NY...for the Sunset House 5k.   We headed over early Saturday morning, took a few photos and started running.  I was told to keep an eye on our pace as both my mom and sister wanted avoid going too fast.  This was my job for the morning, to keep them in good spirits and from going too fast.  Turns out they did just fine on their own and it ended up being a nice group jog.  It would have made the old man smile I see us all running together.

After three miles under our feet, we came to the final turn all still feeling good.  I was really happy to see both my mom and sister do so well and we crossed the finish line together with smiles on our faces.  It was a great day and I was so thrilled to see both my mom and sister get new 5k PR's.  Pretty soon they'll be running 10k's.  (I'm going to be getting on you about that half-marathon too Carri!)  I'm so glad we decided to do this.

Otherwise, it was a really nice weekend just relaxing and enjoying good company.  Back to the ol' grind tomorrow and hopefully I will get out on the kayak some more this week.  Even though my longest run this past week was only 16 miles, somehow I managed almost 56 miles for the week.  I think this is in large part because of the morning "coffee runs".  I am hoping to get that up closer to 70 as I near the VT 100.

I head to Colorado in two weeks for a 17 day stint there.  I will definitely be getting in some high altitude mountain hiking/running while I'm there.  I've already got a few things planned, but nothing I'm officially listing yet.

That's it for now.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and as always....thank you to all of the servicemen and women who have served and are serving in the armed forces.  It is because of you and your sacrifices that we are all able to enjoy the freedoms that we have (and often take for granted).

Almost at the finish!

The Fegy Finishers!

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Eliza Ralph-Murphy said...

Congratulations Carri and "Mom" on your new PR's. Great Job!